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Month – September 2015

Day 23: Recovery

Yesterday I was a bit excited about getting back into my workout routine… it’s easy to over do it. I over did it. Today, I learn how recovery is needed. Importantly, recovery is rest for a purpose besides recreation/relaxation. When losing track of the goal of the rest, you lose track of the period of rest. With that in mind, I’m eager to get back to my workouts.

Day 22: Labor Day

It is Labor Day here in the U.S. For the first time in over a decade, I do not have school or work (formally) to tend to. It is in this lack of formal commitment, on this Labor Day, which inspires me to press on during the job hunt and continue my own personal/professional growth.

As I work to apply to local companies in the biotech/pharma industry and search for a position which truly fits my ideals and career goals, I know it is important to push for growth. I signed up for a couple brief Coursera courses offered by Johns Hopkins University: an introduction to genomic data and a Python programming for genomic data course. I am excited to get through them. Which newly gained skills can I apply to my projects and future career? I’ll let you know.

Day 21: Clash of Schedule and Creativity

I am struggling with this current conundrum:

Over the past year, I have evolved into a morning person. I love being awake before the sun rises, reading, and journaling while downing my first cup of coffee. However, I am at my most creative at night. This would not be much of an issue if I only needed a couple hours of sleep.

Recognizing I have my best ideas after dinner, I will try to record these as well as I can (either via audio recordings or good ole fashioned Evernote) and put them to work after the morning coffee. I think tracking these projects, ideas, and thoughts will become a part of my website.

Day 20: Appreciation

Taking 3 seconds to show appreciation for something you enjoyed could simply change the world. As people link success in one area of their lives to others (for better or worse), a simple “Thank you” could improve somebody’s outlook.

I received a brief thank you note via e-mail this morning and it was such a great start to my day . On another note, I am now more likely to appreciate other people. Thank you.

Day 19: Time To Be A Loser

It’s time for me to be a loser in two different ways:

First, I want to lose some weight. I am used to the lifestyle of running around lab all day. Since finishing up my PhD, I am now sitting way more than I have been used to for the last few years. I get some small exercises in during the day, but I think it is time to get back to tracking my eating and fitness.

Second, I’m ready to strike out on some ideas, if necessary. I’ve recently adopted the phrase “There are only two outcomes: success and learning” to replace the idea of “failure”. Failure is not as scary as it used to be for me. I am willing to lose out if it means I truly learn from it.

Of course… I’ll strive for success.

Day 17: Through-line

Finding the right fit for all that I want out of my career is difficult. No one job is going to fulfill all responsibilities and goals that are on my list. Yet, I am confident that if I am with the right group and work on something interesting to me, I will excel as I have always done.

Until then, I cannot wait for each bit of my interests to merge into the perfect employment opportunity. I will forge this opportunity myself, both occupationally and recreationally. My current list involves: learning about 3D printing, improving my programming skills through the Python language, and boosting my scientific communication skills.

Day 16: Narrative

Each day I check in on myself, asking “How is Jason’s story playing out?”

Sometimes it is refreshing and motivating. Other times it can bring out my strong inner critic. These days the question brings many mixed emotions which I am charged with facing. As I continue my job search after graduate school, I must remind myself that my value as a person is not a reflection by my monetary value or corporate value.

This time of reflection has been amazing… but I am ready to get to work on some new and interesting problems.

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