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Month – November 2015

New to Maker Culture

My days in the biology laboratory have finished. I quickly learned that I missed doing things with my hands. My girlfriend is a huge knitter and I found myself jealous. I was not doing much to bring my imagination into the real world. It felt like a big problem…

I opened up to my friends and they suggested that I stream myself learning a new skill, while simultaneously teaching that skill. Of course I’d be horrible at first, but it’s all about the journey, right? Two weeks later, I found that it has been the most fun project I’ve worked on in years.

Project 1: Learning to Solder

I used the Amerikit AK-100 “Learn to Solder Kit and Flashing European Siren” (yes, the name is a bit off). However, I had a ton of fun learning/teaching while streaming. I had to talk out my experiences, thoughts, and keep it coherent. Also, people showed up in chat to help me along the way. They were great. See my early success below:

Now I’m onĀ Project 2: Learning Arduino.

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