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Day 1: Re-focus

Change is good. When necessary, it can reinvigorate and inspire. As I struggled what to do with my personal site over the last year, it straddled my personal and professional lives (if there is such thing as complete separation). Now I begin a year of adding short thoughts, creating a focus for my day or simply evacuating an idea from my mind.

I’m not much for clutter, yet it consistently finds its way into my life. It is usually the result of procrastination. There may be no clear action to take on a certain item, so it accumulates… on my desk, on my computer, in my notebook. Eventually I purge the item but the damage has been done. The longer there is clutter in the empty spaces of my life, the more energy it takes in my simply acknowledging it.


In other words, when that business card I received from a new acquaintance is still there on my desk, I continue to look at it out of the side of my vision. How many times to I need to acknowledge that it is there before I file it? How much energy have I wasted recalling why it’s there and what I should do with it?

Updated: November 12, 2015 — 9:26 am
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