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Day 11: Sharing Ideas

As a big political year approaches here in the US, it is interesting to see how the world has changed with social media. I am a Millennial who remembered the days before everyone had a cell phone or even access to the internet. Because of this, I can appreciate that many of my elders are adapting to the same types of communication I have had my entire adult life.

Important, I see the frustrations that result in everyone being able to share thoughts and ideas. Of course this is a good thing, since it promotes dialogue and inclusiveness. But it is also a challenge to those who grew up surrounded by people who only (broadly) had the same ideals.

Soon, only a post-Internet, post-Social Media life will be known. Putting aside the pros and cons, I feel particularly grateful to experience life on both sides of that paradigm shift.

Updated: November 12, 2015 — 9:25 am
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