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Day 4: The Habit

Writing a daily blog post is my attempt at reinforcing a habit through repetition. In order for me to be my most productive self, I must set goals and take tiny steps towards them whenever I have the chance. My experience in the biology laboratory also confirms this; My biggest results were rarely from a large, one-off experiment. Instead, the data I obtained usually came from performing the same or similar experiments multiple times over the course of months. At the end of each given experiment, there was usually not enough data to make any clean statements. Ultimately though, this body of work was built piece by piece into something to be proud of.

I want to this methodology to continue in all my endeavors. As I continue my job search and the right company, I hope to be able to work in these incremental steps efficiently and deliberately. Thankfully, I am not limited to the realm of profession. My hobbies also allow me to work on skills, to build up experience, and to create with intention. I am currently learning Python (a programming language) through Codecademy.com. While this site is sufficient for providing background knowledge and skills, I will need to use Python in a project in order to really solidify my understanding.

The principle of “real world experience” is why I am eager to get back into full-time work. I feel at my best when helping others and generating something useful. Until then, I am honing my thoughts, processes, writing, and creativity.

Updated: November 12, 2015 — 9:25 am
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