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Podcasting Mini Milestone


EP005_card_aPhD (in Progress) Podcast Episode 5

Episode 5! A small but important milestone for me. They say “You haven’t made it until episode 10”, so we’re halfway there!
Also, this continues a major theme in our show, which is the important of self-direction and self-management.

There are plenty of resources out in the world geared towards professional development outside academia/grad school, and even a few focused on grad student issues. However, I think we provide the best show that captures the spirit of the (at least our collective) grad school experience. Sure Nikhil, Abigail, and I are a bit more STEM-centered, but we really do hope to reach out to others along the way.

It has been a lot of work and much fun putting together this show, so I’ll continue to work on it as much as I can in my “free” time. Episode 6 is already recorded and about to do part of 7 tomorrow. Keep pushing!

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