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Month – February 2016

On Schedule?

I’m wondering if I can’t make some sort of fun “schedule” for daily writing.
What if I designate a theme to each day of the week. Here’s a quick brainstorm for such topics:

  • Tolerance, Race, and Religion
  • Introspection
  • Love
  • Body
  • Relationships
  • Home Life
  • World
  • Work Life
  • PhD Experience

I think this would help guide my writings. In theory, at the end of the year I should have about 51-52 posts for each.

My 30th birthday is coming up and it would be the perfect time to log all of my experiences. I am also looking to do continue podcasting… this is a daunting task. Since I started (and finished) the PhD in Progress Podcast, juggernauts like Serial and Start Up have really changed how people view these shows.

I’m itching to hop on a microphone again and getting some words out there.


I had never looked much into the whole “Mind, Body, Spirit” attitude/philosophy. And I should say that I still have not. However, I encountered a long and existentially bruising period of unemployment after wrapping up my PhD. One unemployed morning found me journaling. The words came from my pen: “I don’t think my mind, body, or spirit are healthy”.

It was an odd position for me. I, in general, am a pretty positive and happy person. But in that moment I was not. Identifying that I was not made for the best stepping stone.

Simplicity for the Novice

On the surface, so much of our lives can appear simple: Just go exercise, eat well, act in love, work diligently, read some of the great works, and get to bed in time for a solid 7-8 hours. And it is just as easy to judge those who do not do these simple things. They’re so simple!

Extrapolate that. I am now seeing, in my professional life, that healthcare is many times more complicated than previously imagined. This is not for better or worse necessarily, but it opened my eyes. Every person is surrounded by her or his circumstances and set of rules, like a game. Games are just the actions taken to reach a certain goal according to rules. Any game may appear simple… to the novice.


A person’s reaction to an action is rarely interesting. That is, the reaction itself says little to nothing. What is more interesting is the reasons behind the reaction.

Did the reaction require thought or was it reflexive? Did the quality of the reaction suffer because it was done thoughtfully or reflexively?

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